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This professional socket wrench set from YATO, consisting of 126 pieces, was developed for the needs of the specialised services of automotive and mechanical field. The sockets are made of durable chrome-plated vanadium steel. They are equipped with AS-drive system, thus increasing maximum torque by 25%. There is also a two-tone surface finish for protection of edge nuts. The sockets are made by forging die, and then subjected to calibrations using precision gauges and control devices before the process of hardening. This 126-piece ratcheting socket spanner set from YATO has been developed for specialised applications in the automotive and mechanical fields. The sockets are made of durable chrome vanadium steel. They are equipped with AS-drive system, thus increasing maximum torque by 25%. They also have a two-tone surface finish to avoid damaging the nuts. The sockets are die-forged, and then calibrated using precision gauges and control devices before undergoing the hardening process. This tool kit is suitable for work requiring a high degree of torque and precision, and it allows you to perform a wide range of tasks related to the loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts of various sizes.

Colour: Black
Material: Metal
Socket type: AS-drive
Quantity: 126 pieces
Delivered in a convenient storage case
9 x Combination spanner: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 mm
2 x Flare nut spanner: 8 x 10 mm; 11 x 12 mm
2 x Screwdrivers: 6 x 100 mm; PH2 x 100 mm
1 x Automotive voltage tester: 6-24 V
1 x Three-way joint: 3/8"(F)x1/2"(M)
3 x Bit adapter: 1/2"(F)x3/8"(M); 3/8"(F)x1/2"(M); 3/8"(F)x1/4"(M)
1 x Bit adapter: 1/4"x1/4"
1 x Pliers: 150 mm
1 x Oil filter spanner: 63-120 mm
9 x Allen key: 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm


Hisaki SugarCane Juicing Machine c/w 5.5HP Gasoline Engine..

Hisaki Mesin Air Tebu..

Model TFS337 c/w Lifan 5.5HP Gasoline Engine


.Suitable for commercial use, especially hawkers and restaurants.

.Stainless steel corrugated rollers can completely press dry sugarcane.

.Designed for easy operation, reduce production time, and energy saving.

.It is ideal for mass production. Its enclosed structure ensure hygienic production.

.Rollers are mounted to heavy duty double row precision ball bearings to accept heavy load, ensure long operation life and minimize maintenance costs.

.Luxury design, space saving, may be powered by motor, or engine where there is no electricity supply.

.To be used for juicing sugarcane and any fruits with fiber characteristics

e.g. citrus, lemon, ginger etc.

.Made in Malaysia

.Warranty 6 months


Voltage : 220v / 50HZ
Rated Output : 2000W
Max. Output : 2300W
Engine Model : DP168F
Engine Type : 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
Fuel Tank Capacity : 14 L
Starting System : Recoil Starter
Phase No. : Single
House power : 6.5Hp

















  • This workshop tool cart has a robust construction with 3-tier tray, which can carry a maximum load of 150kg. This workshop trolley can be used for easy and safe storage and for transportation of your tools in the garage and workshop. .For purpose to carry and place tools, parts and other etc
  • .Can easily transport up to 150kg supplies
  • .Deep trays with a depth of 60mm
  • .Convenient handle for pushing
  • .Powder-coated iron construction
  • Load capacity 150kgs (50kgs per tray)
  • Tray size W350 x L700 x H60mm
  • Overall dimension W355 x L840 x H760mm
  • Wheel size 3" / 75mm x 4
  • Packing size L715 x W360 x H200mm
  • Net weight 9.5kg
  • Gross weight 10kg

Okatz MT1018V-SL (255mm) 10" Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser..
Model MT1018V-SL

.1800W motor and electric brake that stops the blade in seconds
.Carbide-tipped blade and 9 positive miter stops delivers smooth precision repeatable cuts
.Right and left table extensions and ergonomic handle provide extra support when working with longer pieces
.Bevel lock lever as well as miter lock handle securely locks the saw at desired bevel and miter angles
.Factory calibrated laser guide for accurate and precision alignment
.Includes cord-wrap area, dust bag and dust guide for quick storage and cleanup

Model MT1018V-SL
Power 1800W
Voltage 240V / 50Hz
No-Load Speed 6,000rpm
Blade Diameter 255mm (10")
Max. Cutting Capacity :
.0° 85 x 300mm
.45° 85 x 210mm
Weight 17.5kg
10" TCT circular saw blade include
Warranty 6 months


MEG PRO Automatic Self Leveling Laser 4V1H 6Point..

.The output of a laser line, four vertical laser line over zenith, a drop point.
.Fast leveling, ultra range laser flashing prompt and alarm.
.Low voltage tips, power indicator light flashing prompt and alarm.
.With fine-tuning rotation, more convenient for your use.
.Locking structure, to ensure your safety.
.With indoor and outdoor function, make the application more wide range.
.With the coke foot screw adjustment, so that the application range of angles greater.
.With a carrying belt, make the instrument easy to carry.
.The 5/8" instrument with a connecting head, can be directly with the three foot link.

5 laser lines (4 vertical and 1 horizontal), 6 points
Laser light source 10mW semiconductor laser tube
Wavelength 5 x 635nm / 1 x 650nm
Laser level Class II
The level of accuracy of ±1nm/5m
The vertical accuracy of ±1nm/5m
The accuracy of ±0.5mm/0.5m
Zenith precision ±1mm/3m
The scope of automatic Anping ±3°
Anping time less than 5S
Emergent light angle > 120°
Scope of application 15m
Power supply 3 batteries / DC 5V
Continuous working time about 10 hours
Environmental features working temperature iS -5°+45°
The central thread 5/8"
Foot screw adjustment range ±8°
Warranty 6 months

**Package include**
1 x MEG PRO 5X Leveling Laser 4V1H1D
1 x Battery pack
1 x AC adapter
1 x Plastic Carry Case
1 x Laser Glasses
1 x Box Strap
1 x User Manual


* 16L Portable Rechargeable Battery Knapsack Sprayer

* Powered by 12V8AH - 12V12AH battery

* It can be operated continuously for up to 6 hours and spray 400-480kgs liquid per full charge

* Energy saving portable sprayer

* Easy to operate by either on/off switch or adjusting the speed control switch

* Widely available spare parts and battery

Package comes with: - Battery pump sprayer (main unit) x1 - Charger x1 - Battery (attached with the product itself) x1 - Adjustable shoulder strap x1 set - Handle x1 - Adjustable length lance x1 - Different type of nozzles (as shown in picture) - Plug Adapter for charger x1 - User guide x1




A modern functional jigsaw for performing complex cuts.

Powerful engine provides high performance when working with different materials, as well as when doing curved cuts.

Electronic adjustment has several speed settings to achieve the best results during operation.

Three-step pendulum stroke allows you to adjust the sawing speed and cut quality.

Rubberized pad on the handle improves comfort during extended use.

A keyless swivel blade replacement allows you to quickly change the snap.

The switch lock button is convenient when performing repeated operations.

The integrated sawdust blowing system provides an excellent view of the cutting line, and completely removes dust from the work surface when the vacuum cleaner is connected.

The safety flap provides operator safety.


Power consumption 600 W

Number of strokes 500-3.000 rpm

Travel amount 19 mm

Angle of inclination +/- 45 °

Max. Depth of cut - wood 75 mm - metal 6 mm - non-ferrous metal 10 mm


X5 1,250lbs Heavy Duty Engine Stand..

Model T25671

It uses a heavy cantilevered support structure to hold the engine in midair.


The X5 1,250 lbs. Engine Stand is just right for garage use. This engine stand is used to mount an automotive type of engine when removed from a vehicle. This device

is designed to provide access to the engine for servicing and/or rebuilding. The stand incorporates a locking,

rotating mounting plate so that the user can turn the engine for ease of access. The stand also incorporates

wheels and casters to allow mobility across a smooth, flat surface.



.The wheels construction for more stability and easy rolling.

.Adjustable mounting arms, accommodate a majority of engine blocks, both foreign and domestic.

.Mounting plate rotates 360 degree and can be locked in 8 different positions.

.Heavy gauge tubular steel construction.

.Roll-around engine stand assembles easily.



Model T25671

Capacity 1250lbs

Package Size 880 x 210 x 210mm

Net Weight 28kg

Gross Weight 29kg

Warranty 6 months


Mr.Mark MKX-2012-20.0V MARK-X 20V 4.0AH BRUSHLESS MOTOR IMPACT WRENCH MORE INFO : Rated voltage : 20Vd.c. No load speed : 0-2800r/min Impact rate : 0-3200r/min Maximum torque : 360N Battery pack : 20V 4.0Vh Accessories : • 4.0Ah Battery 2pcs • Charger 1pc • Socket 3pcs (17/19/21mm) • 13mm Chuck 1pc • Converter for Bits 1pc • Converter for Chuck 1pc • Latch 1pc • Rubber Ring 1pc • Lubricant 1pc • Bit 1pc Application : This impact wrench is designed for loosening/tightening bolts. It is designed for domestic use and is not designed for commercial, trade or industrial use


3unit Machine with 1pcs Carry Beg Only with 1 price

1.VMAXMOTO 4" 720Watt Angle Grinder S1M-HW01-100

2.Mostaz MT-26 800W 26mm Rotary Hammer 3-function

3.Navato 12V Cordless Drill with 2 Batteries


ROBIN 5HP EY20 Engine with Hisaki 2" Self Priming 


Heavy duty gasoline engine centrifugal pump.

High water delivery volume with 500 Liters/minute.

Supported by low fuel consumption Subaru Robin engine.


Model PTG210 - EY20

Inlet / Outlet Diameter 50mm (2”)

Total Head 32 m

Suction Head 8 m

Max. Pumping capacity 600 Litre / min

Self Priming Time(at 5m) 110 sec.

Dry Weight 25 kg

Engine Robin EY20


Euro X Gold 3.0HP 120L Heavy Duty Belt-Drive Air Compressor..
Model EAW-9120

.100% copper wired rotor
.High quality Italian design air compressor
.120liter tank with 3hp single phase motor
.Capacity 250liter/min / 8.8CFM
.Twin cylinder 65mm
.Belt driven
.Controlled cooling
.High performance at low running speeds
.Cast iron cylinders
.Reduced vibrations, which also reduces the noise level
.Oil level inspection glass
.Warranty 1 years

Model EAW-9120
Voltage 240V 50Hz
Motor power 3.0HP (Fully 100% Copper Motor)
Current 13.5A
Capacity 250L/min / 8.8CFM
Working pressure 8bar / 115psi
Cylinder 65mm x 2
Speed 1050rpm
Tank capacity 120Liter
Dimension 1220 x 470 x 840mm
Gross weight 80kg
Warranty 1 years